Kaleidoscope Second Half Report

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2 Responses

  1. batman says:

    “Hybrid BSO is the default with EssCS and all existing limitations with Hybrid BSO are eliminated”

    … Does this mean that you will be able to run allocations that reference parent members? I believe that it may not be possible with current Hybrid apps

    • ludodepaz says:

      Yes Batman,
      with EssCS, you can reference parents and make calculations and still enjoy Hybrid aggregations.

      Just one thing on that topic: with 11.1.2.x hybrid aggregation, if you hit a cross dim on an upper level sparse Dynamic Calc, the system will return a correct number, no error there but it will perform a regular BSO calculation, which can take very long. I created an app and had upper level corss-dim and it was fine because the app was so small because of Hybrid that performance was still ok.
      Another option is to have a mix of stored and dynamic calcs upper levels. The Hybrid engine kicks off only if the upper member of a sparse dimension is Dynamic Calc, you can always have one dimension stored and aggregate it. You will aggregate one dimension only, which is still better than aggregating multiple dimensions.

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