Kaleidoscope 2015 Recap: The best EPM Conference

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  1. Glenn Schwartzberg says:

    I think you will find three types of installations and the order of enhancements and code releases. First Cloud as it is easiest for Oracle to manage. One server environment. Second, Exalytics. two OS’ Linux and Solaris and Oracle knows exactly what the machines look like, then finally On-premise as the machine diversity and environment are all over the board. But there will always be that third category where companies want to control the infrastructure and not use Exalytics.

    • ludodepaz says:

      Thank you Glenn for jumping in, yes, I am probably exaggerating a little bit when I totally dismiss On-premise installations. My guess is with the large variety of machine specifications and OS will be difficult for Oracle to have the On-premise setups totally on par with Exalytics in the future. Exactly the same way it is easier for Apple to change their OS as they also completely own the hardware compared to Windows which runs on approved hardwares, with certain functionalities limited to specific configurations.

  2. johnabooth says:

    Hello Ludovic, I noticed you mentioned having a T4 Exalytics machine. The first T series is a T5. The X series started with X2 and currently go through X4.

    Kind Regards,

    John A. Booth

  3. Sridhar says:

    Excellent article Doctor. Simply loved it!!

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